Managed Services

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      What are Managed Services?

    Managed Service is recurring service provided either on-site or remotely on a contractual basis.

        What it really means…

      Managed Services is a Continuous Service

      • This happens all day, every day
      • This helps proactively maintain your technology in an effort to maximize system and process uptime. Uptime = Increased productivity

      Managed Services is outsourcing the I.T. management process for your business

      • It replaces the need to hire a human to perform these tasks
      • It replaces the needs to split your employee’s focus handling I.T. issues when that is not their area of expertise

      Managed Services are measured by SLA’s, not by time invested

      • The more time we spend on an issue cost US money, not you
      • We are rewarded for your systems uptime, not it’s downtime
      • Real-time Executive reports and measurable return on investment can give you a competitive advantage in your industry

      Managed Services are predominately pre-scheduled and proactive

      • We do not function as “break/fix” but rather “prevent the break”
      • Proactive maintenance is more efficient and more cost effective for your business then operating in a “break/fix” reactive relationship

      Managed Services are billed monthly at a fixed, scalable rate “per unit measured”

      • This fixed fee, unlimited support option allows you to budget your IT investment

      Imagine having a virtual IT department for your business, handling everything from your computer networks, software and hardware updates, to hosting, repairs, security, upgrades, and vendor management. At Encore, our managed services provide just that. This proactive approach maximizes your system and process uptime, which translates into increased productivity and profitability.  

      Encores managed service packages vary in the level of features, commensurate with the help you need. All levels of service offer lightning fast repairs, and our 100% guarantee for your total satisfaction.  You’ll be billed monthly at a fixed, scalable rate, allowing you to budget your IT investment.

      No matter what level of service Encore provides to our clients, each receives our commitment of exceptional service at a predictable price, and a copy of “The Encore Difference”.

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