Hosted Exchange Server 2010: A Level Playing Field

  • When e-mail is down, productivity suffers: Invoices aren’t sent, orders aren’t received, and customers aren’t serviced. This is the stuff of nightmares. Our hosted Exchange Server solution brings the reliability, value and collaborative power of always-available Exchange Server 2010 to your small business, starting at just $7.95 per user with no minimum number of mailboxes, and no long-term contract.

    hosted exchange benefits2 Hosted Exchange Server 2010: A Level Playing Field

    Start Punching Way Above Your Weight Class

    A large company with an IT department, systems engineer, and a large budget can easily deploy a full-service Exchange Server 2010 environment and support it satisfactorily. Until now, everybody else was sucking wind. If you’re a small business going up against larger, better funded competition, that meant that up until now YOU were sucking wind. Our Hosted Exchange Server 2010 solution gives you the same tools as your competitors–without the up-front investment that comes with building it in-house. Plus, flexible per-user pricing with no minimums lets you grow as slowly (or as quickly) as you need to.

    Reliable, Accessible, and Affordable: What Else Do You Need?

    Encore Hosted Exchange Server 2010 provides all of these and more, including the entire set of Exchange Server 2010 features, including popular mobile options like ActiveSync and Blackberry. Staying in touch with a mobile workforce has never been easier or more affordable: Stay in touch with most popular mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Android.

    Knowledge Is Power: Keep Tabs on Your Team Mates

    postitcalendar Hosted Exchange Server 2010: A Level Playing FieldIn a competitive marketplace, the most efficient team wins. If you’re living without full-service Exchange-based group calendaring and productivity you might as well be living in a cave slathered with sticky-notes. Get synced up and stay that way with Encore Hosted Exchange Server 2010–no VPN (or PC) required.

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