Encore Backup: We’ve Got You Covered

  • statistic Encore Backup: We’ve Got You CoveredEncore Backup provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your critical business, customer, and financial files are protected in any scenario, from accidental erasure to having the building burn to the ground. Without an off-site backup, you risk having the same disaster that destroys your data-center also destroy your backup copy. Without automating that off-site backup (i.e. an old-fashioned tape/drive rotation) you risk that the copy you need (the most recent) could still be inside the building when your disaster occurs.

    Encore Backup is a “cloud-based” solution that protects your critical business data by encrypting and automatically replicating it to an off-site location, every night. Its the reliability of an Enterprise solution, with a price tag that puts it within easy reach of small and mid-sized organizations.

    Cloud Backup Beats the Pants off Tapes and Hard Drives

    Encore Backup Image1 Encore Backup: We’ve Got You CoveredReliability: Encore Backup relies on a network of high-availability partner data-centers to provide continuous access to your backup data at any time of day or night, 365 days per year. No worry about a tape-mechanism failing right when you need it, and no annual budget to replace aging tapes.

    Convenience: Set the schedule, review logs weekly, and forget about it. If you go on vacation you won’t have to rely on secondary personnel to change tapes, and aren’t likely to be interrupted by errors to troubleshoot during your vacation.

    Efficiency: After your initial “seed backup” replicates to the cloud, only new and updated files and information (the “delta”) are moved across the Internet. And in a restore scenario, your data is ready continually available to restore–no waiting for the delivery of tapes.

    Security: Your data is encrypted both in transit, and during storage. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data. You’re never vulnerable to a courier mishap, exposing you to a data-loss.

    Full Support Available for Microsoft Exchange & SQL Server

    Exchange 2010 300x143 Encore Backup: We’ve Got You CoveredEncore Backup for Exchange and SQL Servers interfaces natively with Microsoft’s flagship database and e-mail suites, extending your unprecedented peace of mind to the ability to do transactional (i.e. no-loss) restores of business communications and database transactions.

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