• Installing VMware ESXi onto a USB Flash Drive

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    1. Download the ESXi 4.1 ISO and burn to CD.
    2. Insert your 1GB USB stick into the server and pop-in the CD to the server.
    3. Boot from the CD
    4. Select (Enter) Install
    5. Press F11 to accept the EULA and continue.
    6. Select to USB Device (remember must be at least 1GB, but anything larger than 1GB will essentially be unused) and click Enter to continue.
    7. You will get a notification (potentially) about overwriting the device, click Enter to continue.  All data on the USB will be lost so please use a blank USB or move data off of it before proceeding.
    8. Press F11 to confirm the installation.
    9. Press Enter to Reboot after install completes and eject the CD.
    10. During the boot up process press the appropriate key to enter your server’s BIOS settings.
    11. Ensure that Boot from USB is enabled and that the USB boot device is in the proper boot order for your preferences (above Hard Drive but below CD/DVD in my case).
    12. Save your setting and let the server complete the boot up process.
    13. At this point your server is booted up to ESXi via USB and you can complete the customization of your specific ESXi deployment by setting the hostname, IP address and so forth.
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